Our sponsor: Code Poet – Helping you press the words every day

Code Poet is a WordPress resource site with interviews, tips, e-books and more to make your day to day life using WordPress, better.

Whether you freelance on a solo basis, lead a small web shop, make plugins in a dark closet, or crack the whip at a large design firm, Code Poet’s aim is to become your go-to source of information and resources to help you expand your WordPress skills and know-how.

Ever since Code Poet launched, it’s been one of my favorite places to learn about people in the WordPress community and get great resources I can rely on. And their eBooks are really amazing.

Oh, you want to put your WordPress skills to the test? They’ve got a quiz for you to see how you match up.

We are super thankful for Code Poet investing in WordCamp Birmingham as our Platinum sponsor! Check them out today.