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Aaron Reimann

Aaron is a web developer at Sideway8.com and am based in Atlanta, GA. He started off as designer, but has moved into the coding realm. He has four years of WordPress experience as a themer and also have a few plugins.

Adam Walker

I’m Adam Walker, husband to one (obviously) and father to four. I started dabbling in web development in the 90s when most people didn’t know the difference between AOL and the internet. I graduated from Georgia Tech in ’03 and dabbled in web development for the better part of six years, when I finally started Sideways8 with my friend and business partner Aaron. Since ’08 Aaron and I have been developing custom WordPress themes and plugins for companies that range from a mom and pop sewing machine store to large nationwide organizations. I currently reside just outside of Atlanta, GA, where I enjoy spending time with my family, blogging, reading, and the general adventures of life.

Andrew Norcross

Reaktiv Studios founder, Lead Developer and general WordPress savant Andrew Norcross, or “Norcross”, is a ninjaneer: he does the job rightly, and precisely, and few who benefit from the results of his actions will ever know with surety the power of his facility, or even that he was there at all.

He survives on caffeine, fast guitar music, whatever food is available while the rednecks are sleeping, and the cubic yards of money he makes being awesome at what he does. He hasn’t slept since Camel Lights were still four bucks a pack.

Norcross has an amazing wife and three awesome kids that his friends raise above their shoulders and say hilarious nonsensical things to before, while and after asking him for advice about their web properties. Like, at family barbecues and stuff.

It’s kind of embarrassing.

Andrew Searles

My name’s Andrew. I like to make things. Better yet, design things. At the moment it’s websites for a company called Infomedia. I also take on a few freelance clients when I have a chance. WordPress is my main tool at the moment. These are all the places you’ll find me on the web.

Bill Robbins

Bill is a WordPress theme developer from here in Birmingham. He’s been selling themes at Organized Themes for 5 years now and absolutely can’t believe he gets to do this for a living. When he’s not developing, you can usually find him chasing his three little boys at the park.

Chris Lema

Chris Lema helps companies leverage WordPress more effectively and helps WordPress businesses be more effective. He’s also the Vice President of Software Engineering at Emphasys Software – where he leads high performing teams and product innovation. A serial entrepreneur, he’s also a public speaker, author, investor and coach.

Cliff Seal

I’m a UX Designer at Pardot, and the founder of Logos Creative and MusicGrid.me. You’ll most often find me in WordPress or trying to get jQuery to do something ridiculous. I enjoy solving problems for people through smart design (of any kind) and reliable implementation. I live with my wife, April, in Atlanta, GA.

Daniel Immke

Daniel started building websites as a teenager back in 2005, fulfilling his natural curiosity as an avid fan of the world wide web. Empowered by the virtually nonexistent barriers to entry – just a computer and the will to learn – what started as a hobby soon became his obsession. In 2008 he discovered WordPress in the process of building his first (now defunct) blog, where he posted Photoshop tutorials. Daniel’s passion for WordPress grew, and before he knew it, he was using it for all of his projects. Daniel has attended multiple WordCamps, has spoken at meetups, and used to write for the WordPress news site WPCandy at its height. Currently he works at 10up, a company that builds spectacular WordPress websites. For him, WordPress represents an empowering of publishers and businesses to take control of their content in the same way that he did when he learned to code.

David Hickox

I am a web designer from Birmingham, AL with 14 years of agency experience building websites big and small for a wide variety of clients. I’m passionate about usability, obsessive about typography, and addicted to the mobile web. When I’m not designing, I also make music and grow a beard. I’m on Twitter and Dribbble at @roboticarm.

David Laietta

David Laietta is a WordPress Developer based in Orlando, FL. An organizer of the Orlando WordPress Meetup and WordCamp Orlando, David enjoys giving his time back to the WordPress community. In the few moments that he isn’t consumed by the internet, David has been known to play a few video games, read every book and article that passes his desk, play with his two dogs and four cats and spend lots of time with friends and family. Life can’t be all work!

Doug Cone

I have been a web developer since 1997 and am passionate about programming and strategy. I am a frequent responder to disaster relief efforts across the United States. I’ve been able to spend time helping people recover from hurricanes, tornadoes, and wildfires. In addition to volunteering, I also try to contribute to several open source software projects. I’m a passionate advocate for the open source model. Some of my favorite open source projects are: Ubuntu, PHP, WordPress, and Drupal. I also love to make things, both to make life easier and to take on challenges.

Jen Mylo

Jen Mylo is a WordPress jane of all trades. After stints as the core software’s user experience lead and project manager, she’s now focusing on improving the contributor community through outreach and training, with an emphasis on increasing diversity. Jen has spent more than a dozen years in the web industry, with the last five years dedicated to the WordPress open source project.

Jessica Jack Wyrick

Jessica Jack Wyrick is an international documentary photographer and social researcher exploring women’s issues in public health, agriculture, and religion. In her spare time, Jack prototypes modern versions of Civil-War era cameras, and blogs about her travels and studies at jessicajack.com. Jack is a graduate of Sewanee: The University of the South where she studied Documentary Photography and Large-Format/Alternative Photography Processes. When she’s not jet-setting, Jack resides in Birmingham, Alabama.

John B Manos

John is a media and intellectual property attorney for a local international media and broadcast nonprofit.  He volunteers on the boards of several nonprofits and churches — and over the years has learned how to use WordPress in a variety of settings, from zero resource organizations to giants with dedicated design and creative staffs.  He’s learned from seeing (and sometimes designing himself) some incredible web mistakes and disasters that had crazy silver linings (like the train wreck design that managed to half bounce rates), and how the twenty twelve theme drove more site traffic than a custom theme.  Along with practical and down to earth tips on web site function, John has had good experience and developed tips to:  help determine when frameworks, themes, and custom development can help a nonprofit and when they just get in the way or worse;  a number of resources readily available to nonprofits that can get your nonprofit fully functional online, email lists and all, for free or very little money; and, even the best ways to build your donor list and collect donations online.

Karim Marucchi

Founder and CEO of VeloMedia, Karim is shepherding this micro-multinational consortium of vertical brands, building a team of leading developers customizing WordPress as an enterprise-level framework for fast and cost-effective development cycles. VeloMedia teams with advertising agencies, full-service PR firms and their clients, as well as internal marketing and IT departments to provide some of the web’s most dynamic WordPress solutions.

Karla Archer

Karla Archer is a local web and print designer, technophile, writer and idea generator. For web design, WordPress and the Genesis framework are her weapons of choice. (and dark chocolate and coffee are her fuel.) Prior to joining Archer Creative, Karla ran Fruition Designs, an online graphic design boutique. Originally specializing in print design, her leap into blogging in 2005 made the decision to learn web design and coding an easy one. When not designing and writing for others, she blogs at KarlaArcher.com and LivingTheLifeFantastic.com. She, only half-jokingly, refers to them as “the cobbler’s children” because both are (STILL!) desperately awaiting new makeovers and blog posts of their own. And yes: she really did find love on Twitter (@KarlaArcher)

Kathryn C. Lang

Award winning author Kathryn C. Lang, winner of the nation’s first Tourism Fiction SELTI award, lets life infuse her creative spirit with stories of possibilities. Each woven creation paints a journey of a life that is lived beyond the ordinary and expected – even if for a moment. Kathryn C. Lang lives and writes in a little cabin in the woods in North Alabama. Her encouragement and support (and often her materials) come from her loving children and husband (and best friend for more years than either wants to admit).

Keith Lee

Keith Lee is the founder and editor-in-chief of Associate’s Mind, one of the most popular legal blogs in the US. Associate’s Mind has been linked to by the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Above the Law, dozens of blogs and websites, and has been featured as an Editor’s Pick at the Browser. It is frequently featured in the national newsletter, Technolawyer, and many of its articles were syndicated to LexisNexis, where Keith is a featured contributor. Associate’s Mind was selected as one of the “Blawg 100″ by the ABA Journal for 2011. Keith’s first book, The Marble and the Sculptor: From Law School to Law Practice, published by ABA Flagship Publishing, is due out Fall 2013. It is the first book in a trilogy focusing on the practice of law for new lawyers. The next book will be released in Fall 2014. Keith so serves on the Editorial Board of the ABA Young Lawyers Division magazine, The Young Lawyer, for the 2013-2014 session. Keith Lee is an attorney with Hamer Law Group, LLC a law firm in Birmingham, Alabama that focuses on helping businesses begin, grow, and succeed.

Ken Granger

Ken Granger has taught more than 10,000 small business owners how to brand their business and leverage the power of the internet to increase sales, brand loyalty and quality of life. Ken has been working with WordPress since 2008 and he and his team have built more than 3,000 WordPress websites. BrandCo helps small businesses build their offline and online branding with things like logos, business cards and fully custom WordPress websites.

Kevin Dees

Hi ho! My name is Kevin Dees. I’m no one of significance. I’m a web developer hailing from Greenville SC. I started building on WordPress back in 2006, co-hosted the Web Weekly Podcast and SitePoint Podcast. I’ve contributed plugins to the community on WordPress.org. Make things out of HTML and CSS. I also love working over at Robojuice and really enjoy solving the challenges we face every day. I’ve worked with large enterprise clients, small mom and pop shops and with freelance designers.

Lisa Isbell

Lisa is the Inbound Marketing Strategy Director at The Spot On Agency in Alabaster, AL.  She helps clients use tactics of inbound marketing (SEO, Social Media, Blogging, Content Creation, etc) to attract qualified website visitors and build their own online communities.  This strategy includes nurturing website visitors to become leads and eventually conversion to customers.  The Spot On Agency is a Hubspot Partner Agency and Lisa is a Hubspot Certified Inbound Marketing Professional.


Marna Friedman

Marna Friedman is a Business Strategist using WordPress as the platform of choice for her clients. Over the past two years, she has increased her education in WordPress and likes to share what she learns with others. She thinks outside the box, and frequently pushes the envelope to find unique ways to implement functionality into WordPress sites. One of her websites A Plugin For That, focuses completely on WordPress and what’s possible. Besides WordPress, Marna works with clients on business strategies including events, social media and self-publishing, and frequently can be found teaching and speaking on these topics.

Matthew Muro

Matthew is a full time web developer for The University of Alabama. He has been building websites since 2005 and working with WordPress since 2007. He has developed several WordPress plugins. These days he spends most of his spare time working on Visual Form Builder Pro, a premium plugin based on his free plugin Visual Form Builder. When he’s not staring at code, he spends time with his wife and daughter.

Micah Wood

Hi, I’m Micah Wood. I’m a WordPress ninja. Literally. I have 18 years of martial arts experience in four different styles and can write some “killer” code. Starting as a WordPress white belt at version 2.9, I quickly worked my way up the ranks to become the professional WordPress developer I am today. When I’m not working, I am usually spending time with my wife Megan, two beautiful daughters Adyson and Chloe, and my twin boys Judah and Nathaniel.

Nathan Ingram

Freelancer. Teacher. Writer. WordPress Figure-outerer. Professional Geek. I built my first web site in 1995 back when the Internet had just begun walking upright. I’ve developed sites big and small, and lived through clients good and bad. For years, I developed custom web sites using Dreamweaver, then I found WordPress and never looked back. In addition to my freelance web development work, I serve as Technical Editor for WebDesign.com, where I teach WordPress and Web Design via live webinars.


I’m Otto. I work on WordPress.org. I also make beer, when I have the time.

Rachel Carden

Rachel Carden is a full-time WordPress dreamer, and Web Communications Specialist for The University of Alabama, who loves to get lost in code and gets way too excited when she discovers a new action or filter. When she’s not programming, she’s a fitness junkie who enjoys fantasizing about trips to the happiest place on earth and watching a lot of crimson-dressed men play football. She also likes to tweet: @bamadesigner.

Ryan Marks

Ryan is from Mobile, AL and knew early on he wanted to do something something related to computers. While attending the University of Alabama, he took courses in Computer Engineering and Computer Science before deciding Management Information Systems (MIS) would be right for him. Ryan learned PHP in 2001 while working on an MIS sponsored Computing Science Olympiad registration system for high school students in the state. In 2004, he created the data model and system basics for a job lead distribution system for a niche market in the employment space. As the Director of Operations and Infrastucture for Randall-Reilly, he is responsible for server and database administration across 25 servers in addition to project management and development which he still enjoys. Outside of work, he sings at church and has an dog named Cooper.

Sam Sidler

Sam Sidler is a Ninja Wrangler at Audrey Capital, Matt Mullenweg’s investment and research firm. The majority of Sam’s time and energy is spent on improving WordPress and wordpress.org.

From March 2007 through December 2009, he worked for Mozilla as a QA engineer, then as the Firefox Launch Coordinator (Project Manager for Firefox Maintenance Releases).

Scott Fisk

Scott R. Fisk is an American graphic designer and educator who has taught at Memphis College of Art and American Intercontinental University, and currently teaches at Samford University as an Professor of Graphic Design.

Sheree Martin

Sheree bought her first iPod in August 2001 and listened to podcasts for years before finally deciding to launch her own, the Shine Springs Farm Shinecast, in September 2012. Sheree’s second podcast is in the works, The Ben Franklin Follies: Your Path to Health, Wealth and Wisdom, with a September 2013 anticipated launch date.

Sheree is currently an assistant professor in the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication at Samford University. Sheree’s undergraduate background includes a degree in broadcasting and stints as a college radio DJ and weekend board operator for the University of Alabama’s NPR affiliate, WUAL-FM. Before earning a Ph.D. in Mass Communication, Sheree practiced business law for 10 years and dreams of building an online media empire.

Connect with Sheree online via Twitter: @RealSheree and http://benfranklinfollies.com and lots of other places.

Syed Balkhi

Syed Balkhi is a serial entrepreneur with marketing and dev experience. He is the founder of WPBeginner, List25, SteadyStrength, and numerous other websites.

Tammy Hart

Tammy Hart is a self-taught designer and engineer that has specialized in building custom WordPress websites for over 7 years. She’s a Design Engineer at 10up, a full service web agency. Tammy blogs about her craft at Tammy Hart Designs and you can follow her on Twitter @tammyhart.

Tammy Hawk-Bridges

Tammy Hawk-Bridges is a broadly experienced marketing consultant, business strategist, entrepreneur mentor, and Huffington Post blogger who has had the opportunity to consult with companies all over the globe. She is an expert at training entrepreneurs to leverage the Internet and digital marketing to get more clients and grow their businesses. Recently she just published her first book, Yanking Bootstraps – Bootstrap Your Business to Success, look for it on Amazon. Follow Tammy on Twitter @thawkbridges.

Taylor Lovett

I am a core contributor, plugin contributor, plugin author, etc. I work for 10up. I have a BS in Computer Science. I build really cool stuff on the web with WordPress.

William P. Davis

Online Editor for the Bangor Daily News, which uses WordPress to power Maine’s largest news site and power our print pagination.

Williesha Morris

Williesha Morris has been hustling gigs of the freelance variety since she graduated from the University of South Carolina with a journalism degree in 2001. She has worn many hats including mystery shopper, office manager, customer service rep. Since 2012 she has been pursuing the dual title of administrative consultant and writer. Having this title allows her to never get bored, along with helping small business owners and entrepreneurs get more done and show freelancers how to truly live a “free” freelance life.

http://www.myfreelancelife.com  @willieshamorris

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