Thank you to our sponsors! We couldn’t do #WPYall without you!

I speak on behalf of all organizers, volunteers, and attendees when I say THANK YOU very, very much to our wonderful sponsors.

We could not put on WordCamp Birmingham without your support. We feel so privileged that you’ve chosen to invest in this WordPress community. We look forward to a great conference.

I’d like to brag a little bit more on some of the awesome companies that are so generous.


What can I say? Your commitment to WordPress and the local WordPress communities around the world is incredible. I love that you guys dedicate employee time and company resources to support WordPress and its events. Anyone looking for affordable, quality hosting that boasts an enormous customer base, do check out Bluehost. Thank you for being our Pillar sponsor!


Similarly, your commitment to WordPress and the local WordPress communities around the world is remarkable. Team members from Dreamhost like Mika and Mike are such great contributors to our community’s overall health. I thank you for your commitment to supporting the WordPress platform, and WordCamps! Anyone looking for an affordable hosting option with a variety of scalable plans, do check out Dreamhost. Thank you for being our Champion sponsor!

Our Diamond sponsors

I’m so happy that Infomedia and SiteGround are supporting WordCamp Birmingham as our Diamond level sponsors.

Our Platinum sponsors

Thanks so much to VeloMedia and CodePoet for being our Platinum sponsors!

Our Gold sponsors

We are so excited about the generous support from all of our Gold sponsors! I’ve met these individuals and companies, and they are really great. Be sure to check out their websites, and our blog posts about each of them.

In-Kind sponsor

Thank you Sticker Giant for your sticker awesomeness! Our laptops and stickable surfaces are greatly appreciative!

Our VIP Personal Sponsors!

Thank you to Kathy Drewien, Scot Self, David McMath, and Pippin Williamson for your Personal VIP Sponsorships!

We really appreciate your contributions to WP Y’all, and we think you owe yourselves a first class pat on the back! We look forward to hanging out together, and hope you enjoy the VIP perks and fancy swag. You rock!

Thank you so much, sponsors! To our attendees and speakers, please thank these fine people for their support, and check out their products and services!